Mark Gilligan FBIPP, LRPS, is a respected Cheshire wedding photographer and has been providing his service for over 35 years now.
A Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photography, Mark is also a regular features writer and photographer for many national magazines and is used to being an integral part of weddings.
"Firstly, congratulations on your engagement!
One things for sure, when you are planning your special wedding day, you want to be able to look back on it with a smile on your face!
You also want to make sure that you have as little to 'worry' about as possible and a good professional photographer will at least take away one of those fears for you. I am glad that you are considering me for that. All of the couples I have worked for will confirm my professionalism throughout. From the minute we get together to the meetings we arrange and plan for your day. Capturing your bespoke photographs, is a responsibility that I pride myself on being able to do for you. Just ask the people I have delivered too over the past 35 years.
They are happy to provide you with assurances of my work which has seen me deliver all over the North West of England and there are testimonials on here.
From house to church to venue and the first dance, I can provide you with exceptionally high quality digital images to treasure. I shoot 'fly on the wall' photographs so I am as 'invisible' as possible. After all, you will be the stars of the show, its your day and you need to be in the limelight as much as you can. I also specialise in Landscape weddings of which 'Bride Magazine ' said "Mark is the man to shoot this specific mixture of genres. Beautifully crafted images that are taken quickly but with style."
I will ensure that happens and capture that for you.
It is a complete, bespoke service and is costed as such, to suit all budgets.
Please be aware that a seasoned professional such as myself does'nt simply turn up and take photos. Thats what your guests do!
When you contract my services, it is ME that you get. It is not an agency thats sending someone else along, a photography student learning their trade or a photographer who accepts a booking but doesn't see you until the day. I am involved from the minute you decide its me you want with advice and help to ensure that all goes exactly as you wish.I really dont say that in a condescending way but many couples who approach me sometimes think they only pay for a few hours work on the day and that couldnt be further from the truth. I always explain the amount of time I will devote to them. For me its about presenting the best work and that requires proper processing. I also offer sepia toning and black and white as part of your package. All of that is included in my service.
In essence, that would require around 3 - 4 days work as well as site visits. I do not charge for travel or consultation for our initial meet and can offer you the most professional of services throughout our time together.
I hope you like my work, after all its a big decision you have to make and its vital you choose wisely.
In all seriousness I do get booked up early!
So, my thanks for looking on here and I look forward to discussing any requirement you may.
I can be contacted on 07946316769 or drop me an email via the contact section on this site.
Thank you for looking.
I appreciate that.

NB Please note my gratitude to the people whose images appear here. They are given with their kind permission and should there be any enquiries relating to those images, for any reason I will ALWAYS refer onto them for their consideration.